PM Modi has best hairstyle among public figures, MS Dhoni most experimental cricketer: Jawed Habib

In the ever-evolving world of hairstyling, one name stands out– Jawed Habib. With an illustrious career spanning decades and a portfolio of satisfied clients, Jawed Habib has become a trusted authority in the realm of hair care and styling. Now, he is ready to share his wealth of knowledge and expertise with the world in his much-anticipated book, “Beautiful Hair, Beautiful You!” Here is a fascinating excerpt from our Statesman’s interview with the styling maestro. Could you provide an overview of your book and its unique features that differentiate it from other publications on similar topics? This is my eighth publication and addresses the importance of hair care. It delves into various aspects, such as choosing the right hairstyle, selecting suitable hair products like shampoos and conditioners, and maintaining overall hair health. I believe that hair education is crucial, as many people struggle with hair-related issues due to a lack of knowledge. What initially sparked your passion for the hair industry and motivated you to pursue it as a lifelong career? Coming from a lineage of hairstylists spanning three generations, I carry a proud family legacy of over a hundred years in the industry. However, my unique approach sets me apart. I believe in combining tradition with education, recognizing that knowledge and staying up-to-date with trends and techniques are essential for success.  Can you provide examples of Bollywood or Hollywood stars who have sported unconventional hairstyles that influenced industry trends? In the past, actors like Amitabh Bachchan and Dimple Kapadia gained fame with their iconic hairstyles. Nowadays, stars tailor their hairstyles to suit their roles. For example, the movie “Tere Naam” featured unconventional hairstyles. In cricket, players like Mahendra Singh Dhoni experiment with diverse styles and colors, making the cricket industry a hub for a wide range of hairstyle trends surpassing Bollywood and Hollywood. Who do you think stands out with the best hairstyle among public figures?  Narendra Modi, with his well-groomed beard and stylish hairdo, exudes confidence and charisma. Another noteworthy figure is Lalu Prasad Yadav, who has a distinctive and remarkable style of his own. When it comes to achieving a more youthful appearance through hairstyles, what factors are more important? It’s the length of the hair. Short hair can be incredibly flattering and can help achieve a more youthful look. It simplifies the hair care routine and minimizes potential challenges. What are some common hair care misconceptions you frequently encounter? The belief that you shouldn’t shampoo your hair regularly! The truth is, you should wash your hair everyday.  Do you have any specific hair care practices or rituals that you believe contribute to maintaining beautiful, luscious hair? It’s all about having swachh hair. I’m sure your parents have always emphasized the importance of personal hygiene and cleanliness. Well, guess what? They were right!  How do you balance your artistic vision with client expectations? By communicating with the hair itself and continually pushing boundaries, I strive to meet and exceed client desires while staying true to my creative vision. How does hair styling for old people differ from other age groups?  As we age, shorter hairstyles become advantageous and practical, as they are easier to manage and can help mitigate these concerns.  Is there any specific actor or actress for whom you have a strong piece of advice regarding their hair? I can’t really give them specific advice since they have their own team to take care of their styling needs. However, I can offer a simple suggestion: “Just play with your hair.”  How do you balance your artistic vision with client expectations as a hairstylist? Excelling in this field requires a blend of art and science. I communicate with the hair itself and constantly push boundaries to give my absolute best. My passion drives me to continually improve and create masterpieces that reflect the unique story of each strand of hair. By combining creativity with technical expertise, I strive to meet and exceed client expectations while staying true to my artistic vision. Any message for aspiring hairstylists?  Continuous education is paramount. Never stop learning and expanding your knowledge. 

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